About Hoofe IP Law

Hoofe IP Law is a progressive and enterprising law firm principally operating in the areas of patent and trademark law and litigation. As a boutique intellectual property (IP) law firm located in Newport Beach, California, we serve clients in Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, across the country, and around the world. Our IP attorneys William Hoofe and John Vodopia have a combined 50+ years of experience representing clients in a wide range of industries and technologies.

  • Firm Overview

The law firm of Hoofe IP Law practices exclusively in the area of Intellectual Property Law which includes:

At Hoofe IP Law, we honor the highest ethical standards and treat our clients with honesty and respect. We are dedicated to providing intellectual property legal services of superior value for each and every client.

Hoofe IP Law explores or uses the latest technology and tools to assist our clients with protecting their intellectual property. We utilize the latest patent research tools, including LexisNexis Patent AdvisorĀ®.

Our collaboration with an expert professional searcher at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Public Search Facility, located at USPTO headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, allows us to provide the top-notch prior art search services our clients deserve and expect.

Patent Services

Hoofe IP Law specializes in the preparation and prosecution of both domestic and international patent applications. At Hoofe IP Law, we can guide you through the patent process from start to finish, including:

Patent searching and patentability opinions

Patent freedom to operate analyses and opinions

Patent application preparation

Prosecution of patent applications

Post-grant proceedings, including inter partes reviews (IPRs)

Patent infringement analyses and opinions

Patent litigation

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Trademark Services

Hoofe IP Law provides quality legal advice and guidance in all areas of trademark law, including:

Trademark search

Trademark registration

Responding to trademark office action

Trademark infringement (cease and desist)

Trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings

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